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Painting by Agnes Martin titled Untitled #2 from 1989
Painting by Alberto Burri titled Nero Cellotex, 1986-1987
Sculpture by Alexander Calder titled White Moon, from 1955
Sculpture by John McCracken titled Arcturian, from 2003
Painting by Robert Rauschenberg titled Primo Calle/ROCI VENEZUELA, from 1985.
Painting by Richard Estes titled New York, from 1999
Fang Ntumu Figure, Gabon, c. 1820. Base by Kichizo Inagaki (1876-1951). Wood. Height: 15 3/8 in (39 cm)

Press Release

Frieze Masters -  - Art Fairs - Venus Over Manhattan

Venus Over Manhattan is pleased to participate in Frieze Masters this October of 2020. 

This year, the gallery's presentation will include works by Alberto Burri, Alexander Calder, Richard Estes, Agnes Martin, John McCracken, and Robert Rauschenberg.

Frieze Viewing Room
Preview: October, 7-8th 
On View: October, 9 -16th

For additional information regarding pricing and availability, please contact:

For additional information regarding press materials, please contact: 

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