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Artists engage the automobile at LA's venus gallery

August 1, 2016

garage italia: alfa romeo 4C painted with hokusai’s the great wave off kanagawa, 2016 
customized alfa romeo 4C
48 x 162 x 84 inches, 121.92 x 411.48 x 213.36 cm

jonas wood: untitled, 2016
customized 1993 volvo 240, acrylic paint 
190 7/10 x 67 3/10 x 57 1/2 inches, 484.4 x 170.9 x 146.1 cm

olivier mosset: flathead, 1954
1954 harley davidson
48 x 88 x 36 inches, 121.92 x 223.52 x 101.6 cm

olivier mosset: da, 1962
1962 harley davidson
46 x 82 x 40 inches, 116.84 x 208.28 x 101.6 cm

will boone: car, 2016
customized chevrolet blazer, various materials
74 x 80 x 192 inches, 187.96 x 203.2 x 487.68 cm

keith haring: untitled (range rover), 1983 
enamel on 1982 range rover 
84 x 71 x 181 inches, 213.4 x 180.3 x 459.7 cm

exploring the relationship between art and automobile, LA’s venus gallery presents ‘piston head II’, an exhibition spotlighting the ways in which a car can be both a cultural icon and sculptural object. as one of the most important machines of modern life, the vehicle has both shaped human experience and been a creative outlet for countless artists over the years. 

the artists featured in the exhibition at venus include: césar, katherine bernhardt, matthew day jackson, olivier mosset, richard prince, sterling ruby, peter shire, keith haring, will boone, lawrence weiner, and jonas wood. 

additionally, garage italia customs — a milan-based creative hub dedicated to tailor-made customizations — have personalized an alfa romeo 4C and a BMW i8 exclusively for the exhibition.

on from now through september 10, 2016, ‘piston head II’ celebrates the intersection of art and cars and its varied creative potential. from olivier mosset’s motorcycles recontextualized in a gallery space, to sterling ruby’s caged-in bus, to a quintessential richard prince muscle car, the exhibition seeks to explore the expressive relationship between aesthetics and utility.

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