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With Pistonhead 2 in LA, Adam Lindemann Builds Market for Artist Cars

August 3, 2016

With Pistonhead 2 in LA, Adam Lindemann Builds Market for Artist Cars

By Marion Maneker

In December of 2013, Adam Lindemann created a refreshingly original exhibition at the Herzog & de Meuron designed parking garage on Lincoln Road in Miami called Pistonhead. That show revealed the clever and sometimes revelatory ways several Contemporary artists had worked with automobiles as a “medium.”

As gas-powered cars seem to be teetering on the cusp of what may be a long decline into obsolescence, Lindemann has launched another show—this time in his Los Angeles gallery (LA = Cars, get it?)—as a sequel that features more cars used by artists as a medium. They range from some repeat appearances like Keith Haring whose Land Rover from 1983 was borrowed from the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles to historical works by César, Kenny Scharf and Peter Shire.

But Lindemann hasn’t confined his show to historical works. He has commissioned new works from artists like Jonas Wood, Sterling Ruby, Katherine Bernhardt and Matthew Day Jackson. There’s also a collaboration with Lapo Elkann’s Garage Italia Customs to add a little social sex appeal:

Lapo Elkann adds, “I am happy that Garage Italia Customs and its creations have a role in VENUS’ exhibition alongside world-class artists. Adam Lindemann and I share a passion for the incredible artistry, beauty and power of the automobile.

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